Jacklyn Uses Only Pure Acids Which Are Un-buffered With No Downtime

Where Beauty Met Medical knowledge

JK Skincare & Spa are specializes in Acne, Rosacea and Anti-Aging skin care.

At JK Skincare & Spa, our experienced staff is dedicated to bring you the very best services in a warm and friendly atmosphere.  We know the hectic life that you lead, so we want your time with us to be as enjoyable and relaxing as possible.   No matter how you want to spend your time, we are always striving to ensure  that when leaving our spa you will feel invigorated and refreshed.

JK SkinCare & Spa's aesthetician-in-chief, Jacklyn, helps patrons to affect youthful appearances with a range of beautifying treatments. The gentle, noninvasive microdermabrasion session exfoliates the surface of the skin with natural diamond crystals and whisks away dead skin cells, never to be heard from again until they're revived for a beauty-pageant horror miniseries. Meanwhile, suction from a vacuum stimulates blood circulation and collagen proteins. Divest of its grimy outer layer, newly smooth skin can shine without the hindrance of the fine lines, wrinkles, and expired raisin bran that would normally hold it back.

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