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Make-up Application / Eyelash Extension

Full set $250

Fill $50 and Up

@JK Skincare & Spa

$50 and Up

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Make-up Application

$150 & Up

Bridal/Studio Make-up

The Reese Robert Professional Line offers long-lasting eyelash extensions with semi-permanent application. Using American made medical grade adhesive that is gentle for sensitive eyes, Reese Robert extensions are applied to each individual lash to increase length and volume. Quick and easy maintenance every three to four weeks ensures your lashes will look fresh and full for up to eight weeks. With Reese Robert professional lash extensions you can swim, exercise and wake up every morning with gorgeous camera ready lashes


Completely remove all eye makeup

Do not use any oil-based removers

Do not apply eye cream or lotion on your eyelids

Do not curl your eyelashes

Arrive 15 minutes early to maximize your time with your Lash Specialist


Bring your Ipod with your favorite music

Avoid wearing contact lenses

Shower before your arrival to avoid having to get your new eyelash extensions wet afterwards

After care

Do not get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours

Avoid excessive exposure to heat, steam and friction to the lashes

Don't rub or pull on your lashes

Don't use oil-based products around the eyelashes

Get a Re-Fill every 2-4 weeks

Eyelash Extension